The third course, UX-PM3, is for anyone who wants to build a UX team and incorporate UX vision and leadership in the organization’s business strategy. We’ll explain the various profiles of a typical user experience team and how to hire the right UX resources. You’ll also learn how to carry out a UX project successfully by:

  1. Defining UX KPI metrics (quantitative and qualitative)
  2. Integrating UX activities effectively (strategy, planning, workflow)
  3. Measuring the impact of UX on the project, and
  4. Communicating outcomes


Training sessions strike a balance between theory, problem-solving, and case-based reasoning.



  • Plan and integrate UX activities in the context of a digital strategy across projects and work streams
  • Define UX metrics and KPIs
  • Measure and communicate the impact of UX on operational, financial and brand performance to inform global-level strategies
  • Build UX capability internally or externally


Course Content

  • Plan and manage projects integrating UX tools and methods
  • Identify UX opportunities and build a business case to realise them
  • Tailor design briefs to requirements, organizational context and product strategy
  • Build a UX team and incorporate UX expertise in project planning
  • Define UX objectives, metrics and performance indicators
  • Immersion and practical application: techniques to define UX business opportunities, evaluating UX experts, defining UX metrics, individual reflection and group discussion
  • A combination of theory, problem-solving exercises and case studies



The certification takes place at the end of the second day of training. The certification exam is comprised of a multiple choice component and an oral exam with the UXalliance course instructor.




Who should attend

UX-PM Level 2 certified professionals


Product owners, interactive marketing managers, project managers, IT professionals with 5-10 years of experience in the development of digital projects.


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Designed specifically

International UX training program designed specifically for digital project, product and marketing professionals

Boost project success

Outcomes include boosting project success rates, building project management capacity, and developing methods for differentiating products.

Internationally recognised and certified by UXalliance, a global network of 26 leading independent UX companies.