Customer Insights, Needs and Concepts

Understanding your customer’s mental models, needs and context helps ensure you not only design a service that meets the business objectives, but that you are creating a service that helps the customer in their everyday life.

We help our clients design for cultural diversity and inclusion, ensuring their products and services meet the needs and expectations of their African market.

Our offering include: Competitor Benchmarks, Expert Review/Heuristic Evaluations, Ethnographic Studies, In-depth Interviews, Focus Groups & Dyads/Triads, Workshop facilitation, Design sprints, Co-creation workshops. UX strategy | UX Competitor benchmark report | Customer requirements | Personas | Customer journeys experience maps | Storyboards | POC/MVP concepts



Strategic. Tactical. Validation

Using a full range of qualitative research methodologies we can understand the customer and ensure the team understands what the problems are that they need to solve. We help the teams validate the assumptions they have about the context and understand the customer’s behavioural paradigms and cognitive impact of a product or service.

We have teams across Africa; we help businesses understand the customer’s deep why; we call this understanding the customer’s truth. Ensuring we work not only on the “big data” but also the “deep data” to align to the customer’s context.

Our offering include: Competitor Benchmarks, Expert Review/Heuristic Evaluations, Ethnographic Studies, In-depth Interviews, Focus Groups, Dyads/Triads, User Testing, Agile User Testing, Usability testing, Validation Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Remote immersions, Remote research, Community-based insights, Impact studies

UX methodologies allow us to understand customers’ mental models and paradigms. Providing clients with products or services that are not only a joy to own and use, but also meet business objectives.


Service Design and Product Framework

Improving the experience and interaction of customers with the business’ product or service across multiple channels and platforms to ensure a consistent experience and engagement.

We give stakeholders a clear and visual interpretation of their requirements with the use of wireframes. These make identifying gaps as well as tweaking of the designs quick and easy.

Deliverables include: Information architecture, taxonomy, micro copy creation, content design, scamps, low-fidelity wireframes, proof of concept, validation testing, algorithm validation, high-fidelity wireframes, interaction design, graphic design, animation design, brand application.


Translation Services

We are a collective of moderators and translators that understand the market and speak over 93 different African languages and can ensure your messages are not only translated but also have the correct context.



UX-PM Certification, UX Training and Facilitation

UX-PM certification program level 1, 2 & 3, UX basics, co-creation workshops, design sprints, service design, moderation and facilitation.

UX-PM Training

Understanding the fundamentals of User Experience is a critical first step, regardless of your background or objective. The UX-PM Certification is an international training program, certified by the UXalliance, and designed for digital & IT managers including product owners, marketing managers and project managers eager to learn about UX.

Mantaray is the sole African agency responsible for the UX-PM training. Over 6000 professionals around the globe are already certified.

Community Platform

Our community platform enables us to reach out across Africa, engaging with communities in their language and in context to empower and to understand.