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To UX Success

Here are some of the latest projects we have been working on.

As the research partner for Facebook, we conducted over 50 studies across 27 countries on their various services and offerings. These include Blood Donor services, Facebook Lite and Facebook Flex to name a few.

Assisted Google in conducting diary studies in Nigeria to evaluate and understand if the Slate model could recognise and solve the problem for it’s users. The outcome entailed giving direction for the design of the features, workstreams, ID as well as their visual design.

We assist Standard Bank with UX research and strategy services to help improve solutions and services for the African market.

Over the past 2 years we conducted various studies to understand the user’s needs when using Calibra. Starting from the initial thoughts through to prototypes across multiple countries in Africa. We focused on understanding the customer’s current mental‐model and behaviours with the sending and receiving of money.

We conducted ethnographic research for Instagram in South Africa with young participants journaling their daily phone usage. This was followed by an observational study with remote interviews that focused on device, camera and app usage.

Usability testing was conducted in Egypt and South Africa for Uber’s driver prototype, to understand the user’s needs involving the design functionality and usability of the app. We gained insight and noted user behaviour when on the app, assisting us to improve and align with their customer’s expectations.

The aim of this research was to understand the context of the information about COVID-19 that participants wanted and how that context fitted within their experience with WhatsApp. We also wanted to establish how participants learnt about the Government WhatsApp service in South Africa.

We redesigned the process of the staff share trading portal to provide a more intuitive and user-centric approach. We conducted validation user testing with the current users of the system to ensure that the design met all the expectations and the staff members needs.

We performed a campaign impact study to measure the effectiveness of a campaign within the communities in regards to Malaria. A baseline study was conducted in 3 African countries (Kenya, Nigeria and Zambia) where we explored the current understanding of Malaria as well as the everyday social issues.

We conducted a research study for the Gates Foundation and their strategic partners in South Africa. The primary objective was gaining a deep understanding of how the current mental-models of HIV patients influence their behaviour, perceptions and attitudes in terms of becoming aware of their status and managing their health. We also conducted in-depth interviews with healthcare workers to gain an understanding of how they were providing care and information to HIV patients.

Conducted usability research to gain insight into the navigation design model for the new KaiOS smart phone. We also gained insight into whether it is aligning to mental-models across an audience with limited experience using phones, internet and who may be illiterate.

For Standard Bank we conducted a study to unpack the last mile supply chain ecosystem in Ivory Coast, with the intention to find potential partners.

Our work with the SANBS was part of a multi-country blood donor project. A study was designed to build empathy and understanding of blood donors across Africa. We assisted in identifying fundamental product pain points and prioritised solutions to improve the donor’s experience in the various regions.


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