We are a User Experience


Designing for customer needs and objectives whilst answering business objectives.

We are passionate about building products that customers love to use.

We specialise in digital channels with a skew towards m-commerce, e-commerce and banking. With over 16 years of experience in UX, our dedicated team boasts a variety of skills and aptitudes which lend us the ability to view the customer’s needs holistically.

Why Mantaray?


Craft human

We believe in crafting the user’s experience, through understanding the customer’s truth and designing for the entire customer journey across the multiple touchpoints.


An African

We have a footprint across 46 countries with 23 in-country teams that we have trained to conduct quality UX research.


We are curious

We believe in embracing and designing for diversity and cultural inclusion, it is only through understanding what makes us unique that we can truly design for this market.


23 in-country teams trained across Africa
Burkina Faso | Benin | Nigeria | Ghana | Egypt | Algeria | Morocco | Cameroon | Senegal | Ivory coast | DRC | Kenya | Rwanda | Uganda | Tanzania | Ethiopia | South Africa | Malawi | Mozambique | Zambia | Zimbabwe | Swaziland | Lesotho

Our footprint is extensive: we believe in knowledge-sharing and empowering our local partners to deliver research that matters and that digs deeper, we are involved throughout the process supporting, training and building the teams to deliver great work.

Our company values are Transparency, Integrity, Authenticity, Curiosity, Empathy, Creativity, Volunteering and Lifelong Learning.

To delve deeply into the understanding we need to create an environment of safety and inclusion, we, therefore, pay special attention to training moderators with the same ethnicity and background as well as ensuring that we separate observers and clients from our participants as biasing happens very easily. Culture in Africa is complex and layered.

We help businesses cater for diversity and inclusion!

“Mantaray Africa is committed to being a force for good by ensuring we help businesses create culturally inclusive and relevant services for the market.”

Mantaray Africa became a Certified B Corporation in 2023. B Corps are a new type of company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. We are proud to be part of a movement that uses business as a force for good.

As the South African partner to International UXalliance, we adhere to international best-practice and quality standards which we apply across the continent.

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